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Lordt! These two. The Sanders are still at it. If you recall a couple of weeks ago I told you about child abuse allegations that Pilar was making against Deion. Well that didn’t sit well with the Hall of Famer. He is suing hus ex wife for defamation.

According to reports, Deion filed a defamation lawsuit against Pilar on Nov. 24th in Collin County after she accused him on multiple crimes including child abuse, spousal abuse, assault…and the shocker…attempted murder. The suit also references an interview Pilar did recently on The O’Reilly Factor. In the interview, Pilar chimed in on domestic abuse and NFL players. She said,

“The men are narcissistic and they’re used to people cheering for them any time they walk into a room. They expect that at home, and when they don’t get it, what they’re used to on the field comes home with them. The men…

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mckinny divorce attorney is not how you spell it

OK, fine. I know it’s McKinney. But at least it’s not Mickinney or somethingr. It could be much worse, is what i am saying.

Like , you know, it could be like this:

I mean, damn Gregg, that’s rough.


In RE: CK blog

Many of my clients’ biggest concerns when contemplating divorce is what access to their children will be after the marriage ends.  The first thing I tell my clients is to not worry: provided there are no issues related to the children’s safety, the State of Texas wants a divorced parent to have enough access and be an involved parent.  If you want to be an involved parent, the law will support you and your ex-spouse, most likely, will not be able to prevent you from seeing your kids.  But how exactly does the law divide up the time with the Children?

In many cases the parties can come to an agreement on a specific schedule that works with their family and circumstances.  Texas Courts generally accept and approve a schedule of visitation that the parents create by agreement.  In cases where the parents cannot agree, the most common visitation schedule…

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The importance of the path you choose to resolving your family law matter

Mckinney divorce attorney inquires, “The importance of the path you choose to resolving your family law matter.”

Child Custody Arrangements News

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The importance of the path you choose to resolving your family law matter

Mckinney divorce attorney inquires, “The importance of the path you choose to resolving your family law matter.”

Child Custody Arrangements News

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Bill aimed at helping paternity fraud victims

The West Report

Paternity Fraud is still legal in Washington State but a Bill being introduced during the upcoming legislative session aims to provide a legal remedy to victims. Read it here.

Having passed through the Law and Justice committee, a first and second reading by the Rules Committee, a short 60 day legislative session ended last year before the Bill could be brought to the floor for a vote. With 105 days to work with during the 2015 legislative session victims of paternity fraud in Washington State hope to finally enjoy fairness and equity before the law.

To help, find your District and who your Legislators are using the Washington State District Finder and ask them to support this Bill. You can also download a petition form for gathering signatures and send to your legislators. Petition to Pass .PDF

Preparing to start talking to my Representatives and Senators about the upcoming…

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Links to Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys in North Texas

Here are some links to some of the top divorce lawyers and best family law attorneys in the North Texas area:

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Uncontested Divorce in Collin County, Texas

pssst! guess how long it takes to get divorced in Tx?

Ever asked yourself “how long does it take to get a divorce in texas“?

Well, now you have the answer. Check out Allen, Texas divorce lawyer Natalie Gregg‘s free blog, The Texas Family Law Blog, here on this very topic:

She also writes for Huffington Post.

They say she is some kind of Texas Super Lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

wait, what the heck?

I live in McKinney Texas.

I am looking for a divorce attorney. Don’t ask me why.

Has something to do with this:

McKinney Divorce Lawyer who explains the division of assets in divorce

I just found this other blog from a McKinny Divorce Lawyer who explains the division of assets in divorce

Her name is Natalie Gregg. This is a a good site.

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